1st May – Los Angeles in the carpark

Here we are in LA, having picked up the Earwig from warehousing yesterday. First drive for Ian with the right hand drive in a left hand country but we made it home to El Segundo!

image We’ve spent today trying to repack it, with half of California wanting to have a chat about it. even 3 Paramedics in a big firetruck stopped and had a  very good inspection!

Everyone is so friendly and polite and interested, it’s been a great day.

The photograph is of Hawaii, the Big Island, which we visied on the way here. More interesting than a carpark!

8 thoughts on “1st May – Los Angeles in the carpark

  1. Thank you for the tour of the EarWig. Good luck on your adventure, cant wait to see some pictures.

    El Segundo, CA


  2. Hope you had a fantastic time in LA. Its very different when you are looking from a private home 🙂 especially one that is in such a great location 🙂


  3. Hi Pen and Ian,
    Great to here you have arrived safely and are on your way. Look forward to hearing more travels with the earwig?
    Love Rosie xx


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